It was very succesful Stilo’ Radio-Sunday!

We’ve started with the jump of “Deszcz”/”The Rain” on Hit Parade Bemowo.FM from position #9 to #6! It is our first #6 in the band’ history of hits, so, you know, we wanna celebrate it a bit.

Thanx for votes, pals! (still gathered for whole new week via e-mail to:

In the evening our music from “Venus” was presented in Radio Centrum by Tomek ‘Mały’ Kotyla in “Jazz-rockowa Płytoteka” programme. Do you believe this Rzeszów’ journalist had consecutive presented in 2013 our last three record? Fine!

Then, at night, two of us – Adam Rozenman & Wojtek Stasiak – were long interviewed live by Adam Dobrzyński in Warsaw’ Radio-dla-Ciebie studio (“Muzyka Czterech Stron Świata” programme). Interesting questions, quite good night time for thinking and concentration, 3 pieces from new record („Ptaszek”, „Deszcz”, „Venus de Stilo”) and one from the previous CD (“Boomerang”) plus inspiring Facebook’ reactions of listeners, for example:

Adam Teodorczyk (during the interview): Stilo are (for me) the Kings of Harmony! Thanx them I love even “The Rain”.

Krystyna Duiwe (just after): It’s great pleasure to listen to music of Stilo. It is well-considered in every details, including the covers of the CDs. I’m lookin’ on “Lisboa Avenue” cover and I’m so curious about the title number that I’m gonna listen to it just after the programme.

See us in the RDC studio:

And thanx for being with us that day!


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