First there was a dream.

A dream about the music reaching deeper, beyond beaten tracks, beyond habits and easy solutions.

The dream grew in Wojtek Stasiak – a Warsaw guitarist. It was 1997.

Then the first sounds emerged from the silence. Some of them were recorded – even those raw, unformed ones.

And then the band was born. The dream came true.

In 2002 STILO won the 1st Prize at the prestigious ethno music festival Nowa Tradycja (New Tradition), organised by the Polish Radio.

Two years later second album of the band – “Idą czasy” – was awarded as the 2nd Folk Phonograme of the Year 2003.

In 2005 TV Polonia made a documentary about the group (“Stilo”, directed by Krzysztof Kubiak).

In the summer of 2009 the fourth album of the group – Lisboa Avenue – was nominated for the American Just Plain Folks Music Award in the “European Album” category.

Spring of 2013 was the time for release of the fifth record – “Venus de Stilo”.

Where does the STILO road lead?

We don’t know.

We only know what it is like.

It is an attempt to put in order what has been in a chaos.

It is the search for the long lost Golden Sounds.

The sounds requiring no completion. The sounds being the right track leading us to the distant

but promised


(fot. Robert Wierzbicki)

Just Plain Folks nominee

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