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(1 marca 2017) Po niezwykle udanym koncercie w warszawskim OKO, pierwszym z cyklu 20-lecia STILO, jedziemy do Kielc! W tamtejszym Domu Środowisk Twórczych pojawimy się już w najbliższą niedzielę, aby zagrać ponadgodzinny koncert pełen muzyki ze snu i jawy :-) Wystąpimy w składzie: Zuza Kuczbajska – skrzypce Wojtek Stasiak – gitara Tomasz Żur – gitara basowa Adam Rozenman – perkusjonalia Janusz Kossakowski – perkusja, perkusjonalia - czyli tym samym, →

SUNDAY #100!

(20.12.2013) It is worth to dream... Just a few months ago we wouldn’t mind much about jubilee of the radio Bemowo.FM hitparade. Now, it’s totally different, because it is always very nice to be included in chart number 100 with our own composition. And this is it – on Sunday there is a chance for it. Our “Deszcz”/”The Rain” is twelfth weeks →


(11.12.13) In Lodz we’ve finished the first part of new album’ promo gigs. It was like this: Fot & ©: Ewa Hawryluk-Stasiak Big thanx to all visitors in Zapiecek club, specially those of you, who has presented us with some after-concert reflections. Nice to hear that somebody liked our show so much that would come to our gig in Warsaw next time, →


(22.11.2013) Our “Deszcz”/”The Rain” the eighth week on Bemowo.FM hit parade and this time jump to #7! As always we ask you for the next votes, via e-mail: lista@bemowo.FM. May you believe that this song was close to be thrown out of the new record "Venus de Stilo"?! - When we were preparing to the record session, we thought about possibility to take one →


(18.11.2013) We would like to thank  all of you who had visited our concert at Warsaw’ OKO! They say it was fine :-) . Now we are preparing to trip to Lodz – to present our Venus de Stilo Melody Tour at Zapiecek club on Saturday 30.11. It was very long time ago since we were playing there last time! How new generation of →

VDS Melody Tour moved on and goes to OKO!

(3.11.2013) So Venus de Stilo Melody Tour is open! The concert at Centrum Kultury Praga Południe behind us. Thanx for your attendance! According to amazing photos by Robert Wierzbicki it looked like this: And you know what? The next occasion to see us on the stage will be very, very soon – on Saturday 9.11.2013! We gonna play at Ośrodek Kultury Ochoty →


(30.09.2013) Yes, it has happened! Thanx to your votes we are on the hit parade – for the first time in our history! “Deszcz”/”The Rain” has jumped on position #9 into Lista Przebojów Bemowo.FM. Of course there will be no earthquake around, but it is just very nice to see your participation in whole action. Plus – it helps our music to →


(26.09.2013) You can still help our "Deszcz" ("The Rain") that is trying to reach the Hit Parade of Radio Bemowo. It is very simple. Voting means just sending e-mail via: with the name of the band, title and note "vote on lista przebojow Radia Bemowo" (or something similar) - till Sunday 29.09. at noon. The song is here: And a lot of Sun for →


(20.09.2013) For many artists it is just routine – for us it is completely new thing. STILO’ music was going here and there but never close to the hit list. From today it’s just the past, because the piece „Deszcz” („The Rain”) from our new album has landed in the „waiting room” of Radio Bemowo Hit Parade (Radio Bemowo is a →


(20.07.2013) While July and Holidays are around, our Venus is starting to gather first opinions about herself. Here is the article by Marcin Flint („Stilo – three scenes of alternative ethno”):,13377.html This story is written in Polish, but there are some our old videos thrown inside, so you got the reason to visit it. :-) .


(11.06.2013) On Friday 14th of June we will be back in Tygmont club (Warsaw, Mazowiecka 6/8 street) to play one more time Promo gig of the newest album "Venus de Stilo" - this time in full STILO line-up, with violinist Sylwia Świątkowska (member of Warsaw Village Band). Start: 19.30 (gates open from 19.00) Tickets: 15 zł The newest album available just after the concert! So →


(1.05.2013) Here, in Poland, we got so-called long weekend now and from that occasion we present you first single from new album. “Azoia” had totally different form few years ago. Now it is… but check it out yourself. Listen and watch, because we’ve added visual side – live’ photos from one of our gigs in Warsaw’ Skład Butelek club, made by →


(21.04.2013) Here it is! Our new album “Venus de Stilo”. . . . . . . . . . . “The face” of it is drawing done specially for this occasion by Anna Szmajda. The man who made the cover from this drawing was Robert Wierzbicki, the author of the art conception of whole album. The album is released by independent label Havry Records, known from first STILO’ CD – “Opowieści kamieni” (2001). All →


(11.04.2013) Ufff…. On Sunday April 7th, after real mix marathon, we’ve finally finished our epic of new album’ recording session and 24 (or something) hours later the whole material went to the factory. Hallelujah! Now, as we’ve promised in last info, we can present joyful news about premiere concert… It’s gonna be on Friday 19th of April, in Warsaw’ well-known club Tygmont! We’ll →

STILO live in Polish Radio – interview

(20.01.2013) On Monday 21st of January STILO live in Polish Radio, Program 2! We will be interviewed by well known folk/folklore-journalist Maria Baliszewska in her program Źródła ("Sources"). Start: 12.00 pm. You can listen to Program 2 in radio or here:,Dwojka .

New hopes and Mikrotour’ recollections

(1.01.2013) Dear Music Lovers! So another change of date done. And another hopes for new, better world - or for good and wise life at least - raised. Right! Because even if some of our dreams will not be realised, we’ll achieve another ones. But there’s one condition – we have to give it a chance. For a good start of the year →

Studio at last

(21.10.2012) We got it! After more than five years we are back in studio! We have started recording the next album at last, in ADAM Recording Studio. In fact, we are pretty advanced in our work, having the most part of music caught on tape – or rather computer. Now we concentrate on choice of the best versions, tracks etc. There was →

(Polski) Zu & Goa

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