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VDS Melody Tour moved on and goes to OKO!

(3.11.2013) So Venus de Stilo Melody Tour is open! The concert at Centrum Kultury Praga Południe behind us. Thanx for your attendance! According to amazing photos by Robert Wierzbicki it looked like this: And you know what? The next occasion to see us on the stage will be very, very soon – on Saturday 9.11.2013! We gonna play at Ośrodek Kultury Ochoty →


(8.10.2013) It was very succesful Stilo’ Radio-Sunday! We’ve started with the jump of “Deszcz”/”The Rain” on Hit Parade Bemowo.FM from position #9 to #6! It is our first #6 in the band’ history of hits, so, you know, we wanna celebrate it a bit. :-) Thanx for votes, pals! (still gathered for whole new week via e-mail to: In the evening our music from →


(5.10.2013) Thanx to different coincidences, coordinated probably by some Heavenly-Angelic PR Agency, :-) we can invite every fan of broadcasting on STILO’ Radio-Sunday . Just tomorrow, October the 6th, from the afternoon to the night you can turn round the tuning knob or just move the mouse trying to find us and our music in the radio space. The plan of STILO’ →


(20.09.2013) For many artists it is just routine – for us it is completely new thing. STILO’ music was going here and there but never close to the hit list. From today it’s just the past, because the piece „Deszcz” („The Rain”) from our new album has landed in the „waiting room” of Radio Bemowo Hit Parade (Radio Bemowo is a →


(10.08.2013) Our Venus has been trapped in net and it was not bad for her, actually. Because “Net” (SIECI) means the title of Polish weekly that published the review of our new CD (issue #26). Adam Ciesielski, the author of this story, had started very reasonably: “I still hope that Stilo will make the international career”. :-) And then it goes…  In a →


(1.05.2013) Here, in Poland, we got so-called long weekend now and from that occasion we present you first single from new album. “Azoia” had totally different form few years ago. Now it is… but check it out yourself. Listen and watch, because we’ve added visual side – live’ photos from one of our gigs in Warsaw’ Skład Butelek club, made by →

Studio at last

(21.10.2012) We got it! After more than five years we are back in studio! We have started recording the next album at last, in ADAM Recording Studio. In fact, we are pretty advanced in our work, having the most part of music caught on tape – or rather computer. Now we concentrate on choice of the best versions, tracks etc. There was →