ZUZA KUCZBAJSKA – qualified violinist, now she plays mostly for pleasure… In the band since autumn 2006, when it had been preparing to the “Lisboa Avenue” sessions. Today it’s hard to imagine STILO without her. Zuza’ hobby includes – beside music – capoeira, batik, bonsai, pottery. She is a professional organiser of exclusive weddings and other private events.

fot. Adam Rozenman

SYLWIA ŚWIĄTKOWSKA – violin, plock fidel. She has been with STILO since March 1999 – except 2006-2009, when she was too busy working with Warsaw Village Band (with whom she also plays these days). Former or present member of: Warsaw Village Kollektiv, Weronika Grozdew’s projects, Goście z Nizin, Kontraburger, Werchowyna, Struktura (fusion group led by Maciej Bliziński).

fot. Ewa Hawryluk-Stasiak

WOJTEK STASIAK – electric and acoustic guitar, sometimes cümbüş (turkish string instrument) and bass. The founder, main composer and the spiritus movens of the band. In 90’s a member of Vahanara rock-group, which was fully reactivated with him in spring 2010. Played with fantasy folk-band Kontraburger for nearly ten years (until 2003).

fot. Adam Rozenman

TOMASZ ŻUR – bass guitar (in other musical projects – electric guitar and drums, too). Really bedrock of the band    – in STILO since 1999. Former or present member of many bands: Vahanara, Kontraburger, Signal to Noise Ratio, Samowars, Atomica, Sarepska, Kryptonies. He has played (bass and guitar) with a well known electro group, Physical Love. Also worked for Daniel Bloom’s project, “Tulipany”.

fot. Robert Wierzbicki

ADAM ROZENMAN – percussionist who plays on Afro-Cuban, Brazilian and Middle-East instruments. In the band since 2009. Mr Tambourine Man – his solo on little req is one of the hottest moment during STILO’ gigs. In Israel he worked with Meira Asher and percussions group Mikcav. In Germany – with Brazilian guitarist Pedro da Silva and group Salsa Maraca. In Poland he plays or played with Maria Pomianowska, Magda Piskorczyk, great bass player Krzysztof Ścierański,an Iranian musician living in Poland Mohammad Rasooli, bands Cukunft, Alamut and so on…

fot. Robert Wierzbicki

JANUSZ KOSSAKOWSKI – drums. He had appeared in the band in 2004, urgently replacing former drummer just before the session of “Szukaj!” album. He had to leaved the group in June 2005
because of departure of Poland. After return to the homeland he had renewed contact with the band, finally being coworker since 2012 (and recording new album “Venus de Stilo”).
He plays in jazz group Arround The Picture too. In the past – member of formations Kontraburger and Kapel.
fot. Robert Wierzbicki


GRZEGORZ URBANIAK – perccusion (1997-1998: CD “Opowieści kamieni”)

MACIEJ MIROŃSKI – drums (1999-2000)

PAWEŁ JEDLIŃSKI – drums (2000-2004: CD “Idą czasy”)

ALPAGO POLAT – saxophone, nay, darbuka, bendir, spoons (2000-2002: CD “Idą czasy”)

SERHAN KIZILPINAR – darbuka, bendir, voice (2001-2004: “Idą czasy”)

MAREK DUTKA – saxophone (2002-2005: CDs “Idą czasy”, “Szukaj!”)

DAMIAN ORŁOWSKI – violin (2004-2005: CD “Szukaj!”)

JAREK CIEŚLAK – drums, percussion (2005-2009: CD “Lisboa Avenue”)

JANUSZ ŻUKOWSKI – sax, clarinet, flute (2006-2009: CD: “Lisboa Avenue”, as a guest on “Venus de Stilo”)

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