♣ 2.10 – first rehearsal of duo STILO (Wojtek Stasiak – acoustic guitar & Grzegorz Urbaniak – perc.); rehearsal room of Ośrodek Kultury Ochoty, Warsaw.

Duo STILO in Warsaw pub Lolek. From left: Stasiak, Urbaniak. Probably 11.02.1998. Fot. Ewa Hawryluk-Stasiak

♣ 25.10 – saxophonist Marek Dutka visits STILO on rehearsal. After few-minutes-jamming he tells he is not interested in playing such a sad notes.



♣ 15 and 30.05, 4 and 7.06 – four recording sessions of first demo, known in the future as first CD “Opowieści kamieni” (“The Stories of Stones”); Ośrodek Kultury Ochoty, Warsaw (Stasiak – acoustic guitar, big drum, tambourine, wah-wah & Urbaniak – big drum, Arabian drum, tambourine).



♣ 3 and 13.02 – two next recording sessions of “Opowieści kamieni”; Ośrodek Kultury Ochoty, Warsaw (Stasiak – acoustic and bass guitar, tambourine).

♣ 3.03 – first rehearsal of Wojtek Stasiak & Sylwia Świątkowska; rehearsal room of Ośrodek Kultury Ochoty, Warsaw

♣ 18.05 – Sylwia Świątkowska for the first time is recording for STILO! Seventh recording session of  “Opowieści kamieni”; Ośrodek Kultury Ochoty, Warsaw (Świątkowska – violin).

♣ 4, 6, 7, 9, 14.06 – mixes and minimastering of “Opowieści kamieni”; Ośrodek Kultury Ochoty, Warsaw. Album is released after a long time: 21th of March 2001.

Different propositions for the cover of “Opowieści kamieni”‘. Fot. Ewa Hawryluk-Stasiak

♣ 6.10 – first rehearsal of STILO as a Real Band (Świątkowska – violin & Stasiak – acoustic guitar & Tomasz Żur – bass guitar & Maciek Miroński – drums); rehearsal room of Ośrodek Kultury Ochoty, Warsaw.



♣ 5.04 – first visit of Alpago Polat on the rehearsal; rehearsal room of Ośrodek Kultury Ochoty, Warsaw.

♣ 10.04 – STILO is not qualified for III New Tradition festival.

Adventure with New Tradition festival started wrong.

♣ 18.05 – first gig of STILO; Oczko club in Ośrodek Kultury Ochoty, Warsaw. Line-up: Świątkowska – violin, flutes; Polat – bendir, darbuka, ney, spoons, sax; Stasiak – acoustic guitar; Żur – bass guitar; Miroński – drums.

Set list:

1. Taniec
2. Latarnia
3. Beksa
4. Ciche Gwizdy Gwiazd
5. Stilosen
6. Studnia

Bis: some kind of funky improvisation

See fragment of this gig

♣ 7.06 – the band qualifies to Streetanimation – festival of street art in Teramo, Italy. Unfortunately, the band has to withdraw from the event.

Invitation to the festival.

♣ 11.06 – first photo session of the band, made just before the secong gig; Lasek Bielański, Warsaw; photo: Adam Pietrzak.

From left: Wojtek, Maciek, Alpago, Tomasz, Sylwia.

♣ September – Maciek Miroński quits the band.

♣ 30.09 – first rehearsal with new drummer Paweł Jedliński; rehearsal room on the Krypska street, Warsaw.



♣ 28.02 – first visit of Serhan Kızılpınar (bendir, darbuka) on the rehearsal; rehearsal room of Ośrodek Kultury Ochoty, Warsaw.

♣ 16.03 – first printed press info about STILO: few-sentences’ note about the forthcoming concert written by Łukasz Kamiński; weekly “Co jest grane-Gazeta Wyborcza/Stołeczna” .

♣ 21.03 – first gig in new line-up (Świątkowska & Polat & Stasiak & Żur & Jedliński & Kızılpınar); Oczko club in Ośrodek Kultury Ochoty, Warsaw.

♣ 25.04 – first interview! Between first and second set of the STILO’ concert at Galeria Nova (Warsaw) Wojtek Stasiak is talking with independent journalist Ziutek Vlepkarz representing portal www.independent.pl.

♣ 23.06 – concert at International Festival of Ethno Music Folkopranie 2001 in Skierniewice.

STILO at Folkopranie. Lower photo, from left: Tomasz, Alpago, Wojtek, Sylwia, Paweł, Serhan. Fot. Ewa Hawryluk-Stasiak

♣ 24.06 – Sylwia Świątkowska (playing at Folkopranie with Kontraburger band too) is awarded as the most interesting musician of the festival. 

♣ 14.07 – STILO performs at the wedding party of Anna & Alpago Polat; Warsaw

♣ 25.08 – first standalone gig beyond Warsaw; Oberża Folkowa Zapiecek, Łódź; first professional recording of the band – live, during the gig.

♣ 30.11 – break-thru-gig! Very well received half-an-hour concert at one of the Muzyka w Muzeum’ events; Warsaw, The State Etnographical Museum. In very short relation from this evening STILO is for the first time showed on TV (TV Polonia).

One of the most important gigs in history of the band. Fot.: Muzyka w Muzeum



♣ 13.01 – gig at X final of Polish annual charitable event – Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy; Warsaw, Dom Kultury Świt.

♣ 2-4.03 – first studio recording session of the band (“Idą czasy”, Mazura 33″, “Powrót”), made to the qualifying of the New Tradition festival; engineer: Marek Bereszczyński, Kokszoman & Złota Skała studio, Warsaw.

♣ 7.03 – next step: very well received gig at Natoliński Ośrodek Kultury, Warsaw.

Curious Sounds
Audience members were left in tears when Polish folk group Stilo performed „The Gates of Secrets”, a song by the Turkish group Yansimalar, at their March 7 concert at Natolin Culture Center.
The sextet’s repertoire included instrumental compositions drawing on Arabic, Asian and Persian folk rhythms, at times combining jazz to create an intriguing sound.
(†Simon Mol, “Warsaw Voice”, 17.03.2002)

♣ 18.03 – STILO qualifies to the final of V New Tradition festival! 

Qualifying report.

♣ March-April – first web-site of the band is ready: www.stilo.terramail.pl, made and afterwards supervised by Adam Pietrzak.

♣ 13.04 – STILO hits the top! Gig at the New Tradition festival, awarded I prize (Grand Prix went to Swoją Drogą band). Sylwia Świątkowska (playing at the event with Kontraburger too) received Złote Gęśle (Golden Fiddle), the prize for the most interesting musician of the fest. Polish Radio Concert Hall, Warsaw.

♣ 14.04 – concert of New Tradition’ laureates, broadcasted live by Polish Radio Programme II; Polish Radio Concert Hall, Warsaw. Before the concert Wojtek Stasiak and Tomasz Żur are recording interview with journalist Aneta Dzienis from Polish Radio Programme II.

Sylwia takes her Złote Gęśle. Fot.: Radiowe Centrum Kultury Ludowej

♣ 21.06 – gig at Festiwal City OFF-Ścieżka, Nowa Muzyka Warszawska; Galeria Off, Warsaw.

♣ 10.08 – gig at Global Beat Festival, Krotoszyn.

♣ 19-21.09 – first abroad travel, to Budapest on Visegrád Group’ Festival (the leading star: Marta Sebestyen & Muzsikas). Before the gig first visit in TV studio (short live interview and playback playing of “Mazura 33”, “Powrót” and “Idą czasy”).

Live at Budapest. From left: Paweł, Alpago, Tomasz and Sylwia. Fot.: archives of Banalita – Czech band playing at the festival

♣ 15.11 – beginning of  “Idą czasy” recording session in one of the best Polish studio – S4 in  Warsaw; engineer/co-producer: great Leszek Kamiński. Recording and almost whole mixing process is finished till 21st of December.

♣ 23.11 – after the fifth day of the session Alpago Polat quits the band.

♣ 30.11 – Marek Dutka (sax) replaces few parts of Alpago on tape.

♣ December – Sylwia Świątkowska, Wojtek Stasiak and Tomasz Żur are recording interview about new album with journalist Małgorzata Jędruch from Polish Radio Programme II. 



♣ January – final mixes and mastering (all by Leszek Kamiński in S4) and final assembly (by Ewa Guziołek-Tubelewicz in Polish Radio studio) of new album.

♣ February or March – Marek Dutka (sax) joins STILO.

♣ 22.03 – first gig in new line-up (Świątkowska & Dutka & Stasiak & Żur & Jedliński & Kızılpınar); Blue Note jazz club, Poznań.

During the concert the audience don’t applaud STILO very much, but at the end people don’t want to set them free. The band promoting new album has played great gig (…) 
(Tomasz Janas, daily “Gazeta Wyborcza/Poznań”, 22.03.2003)

♣ 28.03 – promotional concert and official premiere of new album “Idą czasy”; Teatr Mały, Warsaw.

♣ 26.06 – during the gig at Dramatyczny Jazzgot club in Warsaw the band plays four bises – for the first time in its career.

♣ 4.09 – during the gig at Dramatyczny Jazzgot club in Warsaw the Turkish instrument called cümbüş is probably for the first time ever used on Polish scene by Polish musican.

Commentary of Karol Ejgenberg (founder of Muzykant folk’ portal)  from the audience: – Wojtek, are you playing those famous Turkish scales or just your instrument is out of tune?

In the same composition Sylwia is playing on plock fidel for the first time live with STILO.

♣ 10-16.11 – FRANZ JOSEF TOUR: gigs in Zakopane (Ampstrong club), Budapest (2 concerts at International Meeting of Movie Theaters) and Ostrava (Boomerang club). Official end of the tour: 22.11 at Zapiecek club, Łódź.

Poster from Ostrava.



♣ February – Grzegorz Pudełko (Batorski Poligrafia) creates first professional bill of the band, based on the photo made by Robert Czajka in summer 2003.

Great work by Grzegorz Pudełko and Robert Czajka

♣ February – during talk with Sylwia Wojtek decides to look for new violin player who would be able from time to time to replace Sylwia – too busy with Warsaw Village Band now; Oczko club, Warsaw.

♣ half of March – album “Idą czasy” is nominated to journalist poll Folk Phonogramme of the Year 2003, organised by Polish Radio and Radiowe Centrum Kultury Ludowej.

♣ beginning of April – STILO for the first time plays in Polish public TV. Playback (fragments of “Latarnia” and “Mazura 33”) in live morning program “Kawa czy herbata” (“Cafe or Tea”; TVP 1). Without Marek Dutka.

♣ 17.04 – first gig with “substitute” violin player – Damian Orłowski. At Jadłodajnia Filozoficzna club (Warsaw) Damian plays first set, Sylwia – second one.

Damian’ debut (he stays first from right). Fot. Ewa Hawryluk-Stasiak

♣ 22.04 – STILO with Damian opens seventh edition of New Tradition festival as the winner of the 2nd prize in Folk Phonogramme of the Year 2003 contest. 20-minutes concert is broadcasted by Polish Radio Programme II. Sylwia is playing with Warsaw Village Band in Germany at the same time.

From left: Wojtek, Damian, hand of Serhan, Paweł’ drums, Tomasz. Fot.: Radiowe Centrum Kultury Ludowej

♣ 8.05 – first concert in Cracow, at well-known jazz club Harris Piano Jazz Bar. Line-up: Orłowski & Dutka & Stasiak & Żur & Jedliński & Kızılpınar.

♣ 22.08 – gig at Lapidarium club (Old Town, Warsaw). This time (and last time) with new “substitute” violinist – great Katarzyna Klebba.

♣ 28.10 – ten days before the 50th STILO’ gig and almost month before recording session of new album, drummer Paweł Jedliński is sending e-mail that says: “I don’t know what about my participation in recording session but one is for sure – I can’t play with the band in near future”. In spite of hot telephone line with Paweł he doesn’t change his mind, so Wojtek – on 31st of October – is calling to Janusz Kossakowski, drummer of Kontraburger band, asking for help. Janusz agrees to play at the nearest gig.

♣ 3.11 – first rehearsal with Janusz Kossakowski.

♣ 6.11 – 50th gig of STILO, at Traffic Club (Warsaw). Line-up: Orłowski & Dutka & Stasiak & Żur & Kossakowski (playing after just two rehearsals).

♣ 16.11 – in spite of his promises Paweł Jedliński didn’t arrive at any of three rehersals after Traffic’ gig, so that day he is thrown out of the band. STILO starts to prepare to recording session with Janusz Kossakowski.

♣ 27.11 – beginning of the “Szukaj!” recording session in the same place (S4 studio in Warsaw) and with the same engineer/co-producer (Leszek Kamiński) as before. The band is recording till 6th of December (day by day, except 5th of December). Mixes are done between 7-11.12 and 20.12. Mastering: 21 and 22nd of December.

Tomasz is recording bass. Leszek Kamiński (above) is recording Tomasz. Fot. Wojtek Stasiak

♣ 4.12 – TV Polonia staff comes to the S4 studio and shoots some scenes to documentary about STILO. 

♣ 9 or 10.12 – Wojtek Stasiak is recording interview with journalist Dorota Kołodziejczyk from Christian Radio Józef.

♣ 12.12 – last gig of this year, played at Diuna club (Warsaw). First one with Damian as an official member of the band. New line-up: Orłowski & Dutka & Stasiak & Żur & Kossakowski. Co-working member is still Sylwia Świątkowska.



♣ 15-16.01 – STILO works on the documentary about itself, making by and for TV Polonia.

♣ 21.01 – another gig at Traffic Club, this time as part of charitable concert for victims of Tsunami in Asia, organised by Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH), Polish-Greek ethno drummer Milo Kurtis and Traffic Club. The other artists: Milo Kurtis, Swoją Drogą, Stara Lipa, Yerba Mater. Line-up: Świątkowska & Stasiak & Żur & Kossakowski.

♣ 8.02 – Marek Dutka, after long time of thinking about his future in music, decides to put aside saxophone and quit the band.

♣ 6.03 – the world premiere (on TV Polonia) of 20-minutes documentary about the band – “Stilo” directed by Krzysztof Kubiak.

Surely it was not a typical documentary about the music group. Here is the shot with Damian.

♣ April – Adam Pietrzak resigns and is not a web-master of our www.stilo.terramail.pl anymore. Anita Marzec will be the new one.

♣ 10.05 – press meeting dedicated to forthcomig promo concert at Teatr Mały. STILO is represented by Wojtek Stasiak. Konador label – by Paulina Łaskarzewska and Jani Konador; Czuły Barbarzyńca, Warsaw. 

♣ 14.05 – live interview for Polish Radio Programme II: Wojtek Stasiak is talking with journalist Anna Szewczuk-Czech about the evening concert.

♣ 14.05 – official premiere of “Szukaj!”, new album. Special concert at Teatr Mały (Warsaw) with guest star – Ukrainian singer, instrumentalist and actress Mariana Sadovska (and… Marek Dutka, who returns to the band for this one and next two gigs). Line-up: Orłowski & Dutka & Świątkowska & Stasiak & Żur & Kossakowski. Awesome evening!

 The soundcheck just before the gig. Mariana Sadovska at the right upper corner.

♣ 17-20.05 – Damian Orłowski, Wojtek Stasiak and Tomasz Żur are recording interview for TV programme Sztukateria (TV 4). See it in “Articles, interviews” section.

♣ 16.06 – promo gig at EMPiK Megastore Junior in Warsaw. Last one with Damian. Last one in this line-up.

Together for the last time… From left: Damian, Tomek, Wojtek, Janusz, Marek

♣ 20.06 – recording of half-an-hour TV programme „Anioł przychodzi wieczorem” (The Angel Comes in the Evening”; TV Puls) including interview done by journalist and painter Marek Jaromski plus two pieces played acousticaly live: „Latarnia” and „Gates of Secrets”. Line-up: Dutka & Stasiak & Żur & Kossakowski. Last performance by Janusz Kossakowski, who is going to go abroad, and – this time finally – Marek Dutka.

♣ 20.07 – first rehearsal with new drummer Jarek Cieślak; Włochy near Warsaw.

♣ 31.10 – last rehearsal with Damian Orłowski, who announces that he can’t guaranteed playing in every concert because of his lack of time. Few days later Sylwia Świątkowska becomes first violinist again.

♣ 8.12 – first concert in new line-up (Świątkowska & Stasiak & Żur & Cieślak) – at  Jadłodajnia Filozoficzna club (Warsaw).

Soundcheck at Jadłodajnia. Sylwia and Tomasz. Fot. Ewa Hawryluk-Stasiak



♣ 15.01 – one hour live programme with STILO music and talking (Wojtek Stasiak & Tomasz Żur) in Radio BIS.

♣ 17.02 – last concert of this line-up, in Smok club (Otwock). Reason: Sylwia can’t play in STILO and Warsaw Village Band at the same time. So the band has no soloists now…

♣ 1.03 – saxophone player Janusz Żukowski is coming to STILO’ rehearsal; Włochy, near Warsaw.

♣ 7-9.04 – mini-tour GOLEM TOUR (7.04-Łykend club/Wrocław; 8.04-U Maleho Glena club/Prague; 9.04-Blue Note club/Poznań). New line-up:  Żukowski & Stasiak & Żur & Cieślak.

U Maleho Glena. Second gig with Janusz. From left: Jarek, Janusz, Tomasz, Wojtek. Fot. Marek Posiadała

♣ 10.05 (probably) – first visit of violinist Zuza Kuczbajska on STILO’ rehearsal, as one of the element of the violin-casting.

♣ 26.10 – second visit of Zuza. This time to start preparing to the gig with STILO.

♣ 16.11 – first gig with Zuza, at Natoliński Ośrodek Kultury (Warsaw). After the concert Zuza becomes new member of the band. New line-up: Żukowski & Kuczbajska & Stasiak & Żur & Cieślak.

First concert with Zuza, and duo Zuza&Janusz. Fot. Anna Kossakowska



♣ 17.01 – legendary photo session made by Robert Górka in one of Warsaw’ theatres.

Fot. Robert Górka

♣ 11.03 – after the gig at Centrum ArtBem (Warsaw) Wojtek Stasiak and Tomasz Żur are recording interview with journalist Ziutek Vlepkarz for radio Radio.Wid.

♣ 29.04 – first day of recording demo of the planned new album; engineer – Michał Szpotakowski, Academy of Music, Warsaw.

♣ 9.05 – second day (and the last one) of demo session.

♣ 1.06 – beginning of the new album “Lisboa Avenue” recording session; New Project Studio, Wołomin near Warsaw, engineer: Paweł Sapija; mix: Krzysztof Maszota with a little help of Paweł Sapija; mastering: Krzysztof Maszota. Album is recorded day by day till 11th of June plus 13th and 17th of June; mixed till the half of September. During June two Portugal musicians – singer Genoveva Faísca and guitarist João Bengala – are recording their parts in Lisbon. Another guests: Iranian Mohammad Rasooli (nay), Marek Górka (vocal), Sylwia Świątkowska (violin) and Marek Dutka (keyboards).

Zuza in studio. Fot. Wojtek Stasiak

♣ 23.10 – Wojtek  Stasiak is recording interview with journalist Dorota Kołodziejczyk for Radio Józef.

♣ 26.10 – live interview for Polish Radio Programme II: Wojtek Stasiak is talking with journalist Maria Baliszewska.

♣ 27.10 – official premiere of “Lisboa Avenue” album; Teatr Mały, Warsaw. After the gig Wojtek Stasiak is recording interview with journalist Ziutek Vlepkarz for radio Radio.Wid.

For the third time at Teatr Mały. From left: Janusz, Jarek, Wojtek, Zuza, Tomek. Fot. Robert Górka

♣ 6.11 – after their gig at Słupsk Philharmony Zuza, Janusz, Wojtek and Tomasz are recording interview for Radio Słupsk. 

♣ 10.11 – after STILO’ concert at Tczew Off Jazz Festival Zuza and Wojtek are recording interview for local Radio Fabryka.



♣ 22.01 – live interview for Radio dla Ciebie – Wojtek Stasiak is talking with journalist and DJ Bogdan Fabiański.

♣ 15.02 – first press interview by STILO is printed (daily “Życie Warszawy”; Stylistyka na styku – interview with journalist Adam Ciesielski). Read it in “Articles, interviews” section.

♣ 6.03 – Wojtek Stasiak is talking with journalist Łukasz Kamiński for daily “Gazeta Wyborcza/Stołeczna”. Read it in “Articles, interviews” section.

♣ 18.03 – ‘Lisboa Avenue’ is from that day available on the USA and international market, via portal CD BABY.

♣ 10.05 – second visit in Prague (Czech Republic), in U Maleho Glena jazz-club again. Concert is organised with assistance of Polish Institute. Special guest: Polish Ambassador in Czech Republic. Unfortunately the band is playing without Janusz Żukowski who has broken his arm before travel to Prague.

Rambling across Prague before the gig U Maleho Glena. From left: Zuza, Jarek, Tomasz, Wojtek. Fot. Ewa Hawryluk-Stasiak



♣ 21.03 – last gig of Lisboa Ave Tour, promoting new album, and last gig with drummer Jarek Cieślak; Skład Butelek club, Warsaw. Jarek quits the band peacefully, because of lack of time.

Skład Butelek’ gig. From left: Wojtek, Zuza, Jarek, Tomasz. Fot. Paweł Tęcza

♣ 2.04 – first rehearsal with drummer Adam Rozenman.

♣ 25.06 – “Lisboa Avenue” is nominated to Just Plain Folks Music Awards 2009 – in “European Album” category!

Just Plain Folks nominee

♣ 23.08 – last gig with Janusz Żukowski as a full-member of STILO; Park Miejski, Piaseczno near Warsaw.

After the show. From left: Wojtek, Tomasz, Zuza, Janusz. Fot. Ewa Hawryluk-Stasiak

♣ 10.09 – second rehearsal with drummer Adam Rozenman. The band decides to play with him and works together on acoustic project.  

♣ 14.11 – Sylwia Świątkowska (with her little child) visits rehearsal of STILO.

♣ 12.12 – second visit of Sylwia.

 During this second visit. From left: Sylwia, Zuza, Adam. Fot. Wojtek Stasiak



♣ 14.03 – beginning of “Opowieści Kamieni Etno Tour 2010” and first concert with Adam Rozenman; Pracovnia club, Warsaw. Line-up: Kuczbajska & Stasiak & Żur & Rozenman.  

From left: Wojtek, Tomasz, Adam, Zuza. Fot. Robert Górka

♣ 27.03 – STILO plays as a trio in Warsaw’ Skład Butelek club (Kuczbajska & Stasiak & Rozenman). Special support: Karolina Cicha, who adds her voice in “Srebrenica” too.

♣ 9.04 – during the show at Centrum Promocji Kultury Praga Południe (Warsaw) Sylwia Świątkowska joins the band for few pieces – after more than four years break! Full line-up: Kuczbajska & Świątkowska & Stasiak & Żur & Rozenman.

Fans were waitin’ for more than four years. From left: Sylwia, Wojtek, Zuza, Tomasz. Fot. Ewa Hawryluk-Stasiak

♣ 18.05 – anniversary gig 10 years after the stage debut, with special Turkish guests – Alpago Polat and Serhan Kızılpınar! Line-up: Kuczbajska & Świątkowska (still as a guest) & Stasiak & Żur & Rozenman & Polat & Kızılpınar. Klubokawiarnia Mam Ochotę, Warsaw.

Polish-Turkish STILO again! From left: Sylwia, Serhan, Tomasz, Alpago. Fot. Ewa Hawryluk-Stasiak

♣ 17.06 – official return of Sylwia Świątkowska!  Jazzownia Liberalna club, Warsaw. Before the gig Wojtek Stasiak and Zuza Kuczbajska are recording interview with journalist Ziutek Vlepkarz for radio Radio.Wid.

From left: Sylwia,Wojtek, Zuza. Fot. Ewa Hawryluk-Stasiak

♣ 24.06 – Etno/Blues/Off Day – three representatives of Polish independent scene on one stage: STILO, Karolina Cicha and Magda Piskorczyk. Big event!

The end of STILO’ set, finished together with Karolina Cicha. From left: Karolina, Wojtek, Tomasz, Zuza, Adam, Sylwia. Fot. Ewa Hawryluk-Stasiak

♣ 21.08 – for the first time STILO performs its music to silent movie (“Janošik”, Czechoslovakia, 1921). Old Town Market, Plock. Unfortunately without Adam Rozenman.

♣ 15.10 – new website is ready to go!


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