Till the end of May 3rd you can vote for the best Polish folk/etno record AD 2013. The poll is called WIRTUALNE GĘŚLE (virtual fiddle) and is organised since 2003. So this is the 11th edition.
There is our new “Venus de Stilo” CD amongst 103 (!) records in the competition. You can vote for one/two/three/four or five CDs, just going to the:
  • – then clicking on “Głosuję na te płytę”, below your favourite album
  • – adding 1-4 titles of next albums, if you want
  • – adding your name/surname and e-mail adress (If you wanna take part in the drawing of the prizes just add your post adress, but it is only optional)
  • – now you can send!
    (after that you’ll receive e-mail with the link to confirmation’ click – and that’s all! You’ve just voted).
Here you can listen to the album’ mix:
So… have a good time
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