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(6.06.2015) And do you know that our records are still available? :-) This one was found few days ago in one of the biggest Polish books/record store EMPiK Junior in Warsaw, Marszałkowska street. Section: Muzyka poważna/etniczna. The Lisbon' album, previous one. :-) .


(28.12.2013) Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. – that’s probably what Andrzej Krupa says above, after the #100 radio Bemowo.FM hitparade issue – the rank that he has been leading with Maciej Majewski (left) for a quite long time. We’ve made our “shhhhh…” too – just didn’t want to interrupt your Christmas preparations, but now we can clearly announce that our “Deszcz”/”The Rain” were included in →


(22.12.2013) Today we got for you absolute rarity! While in Poland Christmas' fever was rising, Sylwia flew to Republic of South Africa, to... get married yesterday, in a traditional... Zulu wedding ceremony! Here you can see some unique scenes from the feast! Location: Lesedi Cultural Village. Main characters on white: Newlyweds in RSA - watch the film! Happiness and Love for Young Couple! And for all →

SUNDAY #100!

(20.12.2013) It is worth to dream... Just a few months ago we wouldn’t mind much about jubilee of the radio Bemowo.FM hitparade. Now, it’s totally different, because it is always very nice to be included in chart number 100 with our own composition. And this is it – on Sunday there is a chance for it. Our “Deszcz”/”The Rain” is twelfth weeks →


(11.12.13) In Lodz we’ve finished the first part of new album’ promo gigs. It was like this: Fot & ©: Ewa Hawryluk-Stasiak Big thanx to all visitors in Zapiecek club, specially those of you, who has presented us with some after-concert reflections. Nice to hear that somebody liked our show so much that would come to our gig in Warsaw next time, →


(30.11.2013) After long eight years we'll be back in Lodz today, in Zapiecek club (Piotrkowska 43 street). That's great! Between 2001-2005 we were playing there quite regular. Our first gig in Zapiecek (August 2001) was in fact our first non-Warsaw individual concert ever! That time we made first band recording session during the show, too. So it is important club for us. Our →


(22.11.2013) Our “Deszcz”/”The Rain” the eighth week on Bemowo.FM hit parade and this time jump to #7! As always we ask you for the next votes, via e-mail: lista@bemowo.FM. May you believe that this song was close to be thrown out of the new record "Venus de Stilo"?! - When we were preparing to the record session, we thought about possibility to take one →


(18.11.2013) We would like to thank  all of you who had visited our concert at Warsaw’ OKO! They say it was fine :-) . Now we are preparing to trip to Lodz – to present our Venus de Stilo Melody Tour at Zapiecek club on Saturday 30.11. It was very long time ago since we were playing there last time! How new generation of →


(8.11.2013) Do you know that if you arrive to our Saturday' gig in Ośrodek Kultury Ochoty OKO in Warsaw (Grójecka 75 street) with a child/children no older than 12, you won't have to pay for their ticket? It'll be free entrance for he/she/them. Last time, at CPK, there was probably the youngest STILO' fan in the audience. Look at the pic →


(19.10.2013) Our song from new record still #6 on Bemowo.FM! Even FB-profile informing about life in Stilo' region (Baltic' commune of Choczewo), says about voting on "Deszcz"/"The Rain". You can see a logo of this profile below and if you click here, you will jump to its place on some portal. And if you send ONE proper e-mail to lista@bemowo.fm… you know →


(8.10.2013) It was very succesful Stilo’ Radio-Sunday! We’ve started with the jump of “Deszcz”/”The Rain” on Hit Parade Bemowo.FM from position #9 to #6! It is our first #6 in the band’ history of hits, so, you know, we wanna celebrate it a bit. :-) Thanx for votes, pals! (still gathered for whole new week via e-mail to: lista@bemowo.fm) In the evening our music from →


(18.05.2013) We got it! Karolina Cicha – well known figure from Polish indie scene, singer, composer, multiinstrumentalist and actress – sang on our new album. - We’ve invited Karolina to do it long before we’ve locked ourselves in the studio, just after our collective gigs in 2010 (see short film). Her answer was ‘yes’ – says STILO’ leader, Wojtek. – In the →


(21.04.2013) Here it is! Our new album “Venus de Stilo”. . . . . . . . . . . “The face” of it is drawing done specially for this occasion by Anna Szmajda. The man who made the cover from this drawing was Robert Wierzbicki, the author of the art conception of whole album. The album is released by independent label Havry Records, known from first STILO’ CD – “Opowieści kamieni” (2001). All →

What about new record?

(28.03.2013) You may ask: and what about new STILO’ record? Very good question! Our new album is finished. Now Dariusz Polubiec is mixing all compositions in ADAM Recording Studio. We are workin’ on art design, too – Robert Wierzbicki is watching over it. CD gonna be released in the second half of April. For the first time you’ll be able to buy it →

Your gifts are waiting for only two days!

(27.02.2013) Dear People! Our fund-raising for new record is very close to the end. It lasts only for two days: Wednesday and Thursday 28th of February, till Midnight. You can join it through: http://polakpotrafi.pl/projekt/stilo Thanks for all Donors! The rest of you is still warmly invited. We got gifts for every participants. :-) .

STILO for just 1 zloty – or musicians ask their Fans

(1.02.2013) The real Treasure of every performer/artist is the Audience and the Bunch of Fans. From time to time performer/artist has to go to the chamber where the Treasure is locked and set ajar the lid to say some spells calling all the Good Souls for help. And Now is that moment for STILO. We are opening the chest with the Treasure →

99-101 Mikrotour

(9.11.2012) We have planned only studio works for this Autumn, but it turned out that we’ll play three November’ gigs. Two of them in cities where we have never been before – Elbląg and Olsztyn (third in Warsaw). In Olsztyn there will be 100th concert in STILO’ history! That’s why we call it 99-101 Mikrotour. More info in Live section. .

Studio at last

(21.10.2012) We got it! After more than five years we are back in studio! We have started recording the next album at last, in ADAM Recording Studio. In fact, we are pretty advanced in our work, having the most part of music caught on tape – or rather computer. Now we concentrate on choice of the best versions, tracks etc. There was →

We got demo

(1.08.2012) We've summed up the last rehearsals' session with recording demo of almost all pieces composed for new album. Finally it's gonna be 45-50 minutes' CD, full of acoustic sounds with a pint of little musical madness. Ideal for home listening and live events on the big stages of the world. Vox+Ibanez - demo guns of guitarplayer. Fot.: Wojtek Stasiak .

The fifth album – fixed date of recording

(2.05.2012) After long process of talking and thinking we've finally established the time of recording our  fifth album. It will start at the end of September in ADAM Recording Studio, located in Chotomów, small resort near Warsaw. In the same place Vahanara (rock group with STILO' guitarist and bass player on the board) had been recording its newest longplay "Made in Choto". .

Ten years ago

(14.04.2012) Exactly ten years ago we had been playing on laureates' concert at famous Warsaw' etno festival New Tradition - as prize-winners (I prize). Great times! The beginning of something really important for the band. Owing to that prize we could recorded our legendary CD "Idą czasy" few months later: http://www.folk24.pl/store/ida-czasy-1/ Below - photo from that concert. Our Turkish bandmates: Alpago Polat (right) and →

First spring’ session of preparation

(6.04.2012) Wait a moment 4 English text, please! .

The Stories of Stones had been told

(26.01.2012) So Opowieści Kamieni Etno Tour (The Stories of Stones Etno Tour) is gone! Project, that lasted almost two years, was finished exactly in the same place where it was started - in Warsaw' Pracovnia club. It's pure coincidence, totally not planned. Interestin', right? All concerts played under this flag tasted as true adventure. We did not only dust few of our →

Cafe Stilo is back!

(5.01.2012) Cafe Stilo is back! Unfortunatelly, you have to know Polish language, to fully understand what's going on, but you can listen just enjoying the sound of Zuza' voice - as a storyteller and violin player. :-) So please, click on "Cafe Stilo" in main menu. .