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(10.09.2015) Are you curious to know when will we play again? Negotiations are pending :-) (fot. Ewa Hawryluk-Stasiak) .

It’s time for new music!

(25.10.2010) Isn't it? That's why we've gathered together on Saturday mornin' to start working on new album. Actually - to re-start something that we had worked on last year, before Adam and Sylwia joined the band. Now, when the new line-up is ready, we've decided to begin the whole project seriously. You can see a few shots from this day below. Dont' →

Welcome to Stilospace!

(15.10.2010) Dear All! It has finally arrived! We have been waiting for it for a long time, but all quality things need time. The new website. Based on the old one in some places, but generally new, broadened and refreshed. Its title,  "Stilospace" is not accidental. We want to offer you a deep insight into our creation, history and still changing present time. Not →

We are in anthology

(29.05.2007) We have the pleasure to announce that Polish Radio has just released 2-CD album "Anthology of Polish Folk" ("Antologia Polskiego Folku"). The record’s songs were performed live by the winners of a prestigious New Tradition Ethno Festival. All were recorded during the competition concerts, between 1997-2006. STILO is represented by "Idą czasy" - one of the three pieces that we →